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Newcastle, CA




Kramer + Rebekah

Sacramento, CA

Right in the middle of Downtown Sacramento, Kramer and Rebekah decided to tie the knot on the steps of the California State Capitol Building. What a beautiful day. Their love is infectious and they have such childlike joy around each other. It was an honor capturing their special day.


Liana + Titus

Meadow Vista, CA

Two good friends of mine decided to tie the knot and we couldn’t have been happier! It was the perfect summer day. Their love is true and it shows in this film. Take a look at their story and hopefully it inspires you!


Alex + Stephanie

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

There's nothing like a wedding on the coast of the Golden State. Alex and Stephanie spent their day looking out at the waves crashing and celebrating their new adventure together. What a beautiful couple. Their story is unlike any other, and their love for each other is evident in this film. Take a look at their special wedding day and try not to feel something.

Michael + Taylor

Placerville, CA

Taylor and I have been friends for years, and when she and Michael met it truly was a match made in heaven. These two lead lives of humility, care, and love - not just for themselves, but for everyone around them. I wanted to do something special for their story and include old baby footage to help tell their story of 2 people, coming from completely different backgrounds, and forging their new path together, as one. Take a look into their special day and try not to feel something.


Collin + Arielle

Temecula, CA

Collin & Arielle's love is so evident. They live in a way that shows others how to love each other so well. Their day was filled with laughs, emotion, fun, and beautiful vows that will last a lifetime. Take a look into their wedding day and see how their love can inspire you.

Andrew + Brittany

Malibu, CA

Andrew & Brittany have a beautiful love story. And on this summer day, they committed their lives to each other and became one. The venue at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, CA was breathtaking, making it impossible to forget this day. Check out a highlight of their most beautiful day.


Scott + Kayla

Loomis, CA

I have known these two for a long time, but separately. They come from two incredible families and are becoming their own family. When two great people come together, everyone's happy. Their wedding was a fun and unique way to celebrate the union of two great individuals. Check out their special wedding film!

Brandon + Erica

Newcastle, CA

June 17, 2016  |  Erica Andris married Brandon Kaminski on a beautiful summer day. Their love is so special and creates emotions inside of you that you didn't even know you had. Erica and Brandon Kaminski have a beautiful love story, and here is a highlight of their most special day.


 “We were so blessed to have our special day captured in such a unique and beautiful way. Nobody does it like Scott.”


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