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Granite Bay, CA



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The Home Sort provides clients with sorted spaces that are modern + fresh.  They believe home organization can have both function + style, creating thought out spaces, simplifying the everyday while adding design to areas that are often overlooked.

Check them out at


GROWTH TRACK | Dan + Rita McGill

Placerville, CA

Rams cheerleader. Hell's Angels. Dan and Rita McGill have been through a lot in their years. Through it all, they stuck together (for 46 years) and found a new path for them that changed their destiny. Thanks to Bayside Church and Growth Track, Dan and Rita found a new purpose and are ready to live in the new life God has called them to live.


EDWARD PINEDA | Growth Track Stories

Sacramento, CA

Edward or ‘Eddie’ has a passion for music and a passion for teaching. Although he didn’t always know it. Eddie understood he was gifted in certain areas, but always felt like he was living for himself. Until he went to Growth Track. At Growth Track Eddie discovered he can use his gifts for more than earthly success, but for eternal good. Eddie now teaches youth with a different perspective, and lives his life seeking to simply help others grow.


Life on Film: Henry

Henry Sanchez ’14, M.A. ’18, has been to the brink of death and back, more than once. It’s precisely because of where he’s been that Henry cherishes where he is now. As lead custodian for Azusa Pacific’s Facilities Management team, he puts pride into his work and a great deal of care into his daily interactions with students, faculty, and fellow staff. Henry’s leadership makes a difference for all who encounter him—and even those who don’t, as he works behind the scenes to create a safe and beautiful campus environment. Through his testimony, Henry encourages others that what seems impossible is possible with God. Read more about Henry’s story at



For the past 10 years, Bayside Church and Zócalo Restaurant in Roseville, CA have teamed up to raise funds to directly support work done in the Northern Region of Mexico. Their partnership has opened the eyes of many to see the needs in many parts of Mexico and connected them with a direct way to help. Hundreds of thousands are raised each year.


Team Celebrate + Ticket To Dream

Sacramento, CA

Lizzie Allison, Founder + CEO of Team Celebrate, built a non-profit at the age of 15. Team Celebrate understands that Foster Kids are one of the most under appreciated and overlooked groups in society. So much so that often times their birthdays are forgotten. Birthdays are one of the few times in our lives we are celebrated, and when a child doesn’t even have that, they lose a sense of purpose, hope and joy. Team Celebrate’s mission is to give that birthday experience to foster kids around the nation. Their story is incredible and all ages are invited to help and begin volunteering. Here is a short commercial to help get others involved. Enjoy!




Located in the Aguas del Padre community outside of Siguatepeque, Honduras (approximately 1.5 hours from San Pedro and 2 hours from Tegucigalpa), La Providencia will house, feed, clothe, educate, provide medical care, and provide loving families for 96 orphaned boys and girls. In addition, it will feed, clothe, educate, and provide medical care for 96 other at-risk children from the local community. These children will be given a family environment, spiritual nurture, high-quality education, and practical training to enable them to live spiritually fruitful lives and take their places as leaders in Honduran society. Check out more at




Enchanted's Story

Enchanted has a beautiful story of choosing the right road. The trials she faced were nothing compared to the future God had for her, so she pushed forward. Through the help of Sierra Pregnancy + Health in Roseville, CA, Enchanted found her path and knew she and her son were meant for more.




Thrive Women's Conference 2018

Every year, Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA hosts an incredible Women's Conference that encourages, builds hope, and reminds us that God is capable of more than we can ask or imagine. Check out this promo for Thrive's 2018 Women's Conference.





Catalyst Builders: Allison Home Story

Catalyst Builders design and build amazing homes. Every detail is noticed and plays a significant role in the look and feel of the home. Working with them was a pleasure, and this story tells a client's experience designing a home with Catalyst.




Ride for Water 2017

5 men & 5 women take on the journey of cycling from Seattle to New York this summer to raise awareness for the global water crisis. Water is a necessity, but has become too hard to get in many places in the world, leading to decreases in education, ruining of economies, and increases in death. These men and women have decided to take part in fighting this. Through the support of charity: water, Ride For Water is raising money and donating 100% of the money to creating sustainable efforts for those in third world countries to make water more accessible. You can donate here at Thanks for watching!



Purpose Church Summer Camp

Jr. Higher's. Yosemite. Water Sports. 1 Week of freedom. This is a recipe for a crazy week. Every year, Purpose Church in Pomona, CA takes a trip down to Bass Lake in Yosemite, CA to spend a week diving into God's Word, playing games, and growing lasting bonds. This was a blast to capture and experience - check out their week here!

Giving Tuesday: Los Rios

The Los Rios Student Emergency Fund provides immediate financial assistance to students involved in emergency situations so that they can continue their progress towards a certificate or degree.
Since 2009, the Los Rios Foundation has awarded $165,156 to 245 students at American River, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake and Sacramento City colleges, students who were homeless, students who lost family members or whose homes were destroyed by fire, students who couldn't afford to feed their families or who were the victims of violent crimes, and yet they were determined to finish the education they had started at Los Rios.
We need partners like you to ensure that this struggle continues to end in success. The Student Emergency Fund is completely funded through the generosity of our donors. Please consider making a donation to this crucial program.


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