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About Me


Hi, I'm Scott.

My name is Scott Allison and I recently graduated with a degree in Business Marketing from Azusa Pacific University. I like movies, I like to cook, I like building relationships, and I like swimming on a hot day. There isn't much better than driving with the windows down on a Summer day, and listening to some new music. These are some of my favorite things, but most of all I love stories. I have been fascinated by cameras and more importantly, people's stories, forever. But my pursuit of capturing these stories began in about 2010 in a video project for an English class. It was then that I truly discovered the capability of a camera, and I've been in love ever since.


Scott Allison Films exists...

β€œTo build relationships with people, tell their stories through visuals and creative design, and inspire others to pursue the thing they are born to do.”

Questions regarding quotes, inquiries, and opportunities, shoot me an email.