Hi, I'm Scott.

My name is Scott Allison and I recently graduated with a degree in Business Marketing from Azusa Pacific University. I like movies, I like to cook, I like building relationships, and I like swimming on a hot day. There isn't much better than driving with the windows down on a Summer day, and listening to some new music. These are some of my favorite things, but most of all I love stories. I have been fascinated by cameras and more importantly, people's stories, forever. But my pursuit of capturing these stories began in about 2010 in a video project for an English class. It was then that I truly discovered the capability of a camera, and I've been in love ever since.


What I Do.

Videos are my passion and I encourage you to pursue what you love. I am a videographer and I love to capture other people's passions. I love to create. Video is a crucial aspect in today's marketing world because videos are a way of telling a story. They can turn experiences into life-long memories. My goal with videography is to simply tell your story in a memorable way, so let's work together.

Companies I've Worked for