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Capturing precious moments. Reaching new heights. Let's tell your story, together.

Passions are a funny thing. They push you to get out of bed in the morning, persevere through difficult times to reach a goal, and ultimately cause you to live a life you were called to live. My passion is storytelling, and I want to help you tell yours. Everyone has a story to tell, so let's get out there and tell it!

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Recent Films



Palos Verdes, CA

What a beautiful couple. Their story is unlike any other, and their love for each other is evident in this film. Set in the incredible oceanside hills of Palos Verdes, CA, this wedding took everyone's breath away. Take a look at their special wedding day and try not to feel something.



Enchanted has a beautiful story of choosing the right road. The trials she faced were nothing compared to the future God had for her, so she pushed forward. Through the help of Sierra Pregnancy + Health in Roseville, CA, Enchanted found her path and knew she and her son were meant for more.

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5 men & 5 women take on the journey of cycling from Seattle to New York this summer to raise awareness for the global water crisis. Through the support of charity: water, Ride For Water is raising money and donating 100% of the money to creating sustainable efforts for those in third world countries to make water more accessible.


Weddings, Engagements, Romantics. 

Your love is a beautiful story. It's filled with adventure, hope, and future, and it needs to be told! Let's tell it together.

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